Unwashed Sand
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Unwashed Sand

Unwashed Sand

Dumpling sand or cheap sand is relative lower in price because it is unwashed. Mostly the unwashed sand is used for filling ponds, road constructions etc. The information given above is general in nature but should you require more specific detail kindly contact us. We would be pleased to provide detailed prices and quotations.


Silica (as) SIO2 78.0 %
Sodium (as) Na 0.30 %
Chloride Content (as) Cl 0.0020 %
Water Absorption 1.0 %
Clay Content 2.2 %
Moisture 7.4 %
Sulphate < 0.1 %
Organic Content Pass
Bulk Density 1349 Kg/m³
Apparent Density 2526 Kg/m³
Void Ratio 46.6 %

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River Sand